This is the type of word that you want to hear when it comes to window cleaning services. In fact, we here at Howard's Window Cleaning believe that you deserve to see this word manifested in our work. We have garnered a reputation for delivering only the best in keeping windows clean. In fact, our reputation matters so much to us that we have a money back guarantee that we have put into place to make sure that your windows are the cleanest that they have ever been since you've owned them. How about that for quality service?

Our Mission

When we started this company twenty years ago, we started out with a simple goal: to provide quality service with a friendly smile. Twenty years later, we are a fifty person strong staff with the same goal in mind. Sometimes, the going gets tough, but we are willing to stick out what ever we may encounter for the benefit of the customer. We often get rave reviews from our clients about how good of a job we have done. However, we get even more feedback about how friendly and accommodating our staff is.

Our Experience

In terms of windows, we've seen it all. We have a vast amount of experience cleaning windows of all sorts of shapes and sizes at all heights and in all conditions. For example, we have done the windows on small homes and have cleaned windows in large shop fronts. We've even cleaned the windows on skyscrapers (the tallest one we have done was twenty seven floors)!

In addition to cleaning windows, we offer a variety of other services in which we have much experience as well.

While our company is named after window cleaning, we have an extensive number of specialists who are on call for cleaning a variety of surfaces. In the summer time, we often get calls from clients to have their decks cleaned. We can usually get this job done in a few hours, depending on your deck size. We also get other calls for cleaning outdoor walls and houses. This can often happen in the fall when people are looking to have the sides of their housing before the snow hits and seals in all of the dirt.

Speaking of seasons, we also offer services in the the winterization area. We winterize windows for better heat efficiency and insulation during the colder months of the year. We also offer this winterization service for sides of housing and buildings.

Our Rates

Of course, our rates are different depending on the size of the job that needs to be done. However, what we can guarantee you is that we have the most competitive pricing in the business. We are committed to providing you the best service with the lowest price possible. If any one of our competitors has a better price than we do for the same job, let us know and we will beat them. Give us a call today for a quote!

If you find yourself with windows that are foggy, cracked, or even broken, total replacement is not your only option. In many situations, we can help you with window replacement in Chicago or repair the glass in your home’s windows, saving you the cost of replacing them entirely. 

Dealing with window problems is rarely something homeowners look forward to doing. However, delaying any needed repairs can create a whole lot of more significant issues. If you ignore small window repairs, you are likely to end up needing to replace the windows altogether. It is well worth the ounce of prevention here to avoid the pound of cure.

One of the most common problems that windows have is that their seals deteriorate. This can lead to leaky and rattling glass panes in the house.