Carpet Cleaning



Although our name might bear the words "window cleaning," we offer a variety of other cleaning services to our customers. One of those services is cleaning carpets and rugs. Believe us, we'll leave your carpets just as spotless as our windows! We're just a phone call away, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Below, we've included a more detailed list of what we offer to our customers in the realm of floor cleaning. Read on down below for all of the information!


Hard floors

Some might think that hard floors are easy to clean. However, they might be a little bit more difficult that you may think! For example, some tiling collects years worth of dirt and grim in the grout. This can be extremely difficult to get out and can really diminish the aesthetic appeal of your tile. This is why hiring us would be a good idea. We'll make sure that your hard floors are cleaned the right way. We use chemicals that are safe for your home and that won't harm your hardwood floors. However, just because they are safe doesn't mean that they're effective! We'll get right to work with a lot of elbow grease to get your floors cleaner than you've ever seen them before.


We also do a great job with carpet. Our shampoo that we use to clean carpets and rugs contains a mix of powerful detergents as well as preventative agents that will keep your carpet from staining. This is very important to have if your carpet experiences a lot of traffic or is at risk for food and beverage spills. With our shampoo, even wine stains will be a piece of cake to remove. Make sure that you give us a call today to get a quote on the cleanest carpets you've ever seen!