Window Cleaning



If you are looking to have the the shiniest and spiffiest windows on your block, then you have come to the right place. At Howard's Window Cleaning, we take so much pride in our reputation for cleaning windows that we even put it in our company name.

This page will provide an outline of some of the services that we provide with regard to cleaning windows. Most people think that this is just a one and done job. However, there are many different levels of cleaning and preventative coats that you can put on your windows. As a result, you can learn all about them here. Read on down below for all of the info!



Of course, the most straightforward service that we offer is just a clean. We use trademark soap and cleaning agents to remove the dirt and other elements that have set in on your windows. By the time that we're done with your glass, you won't even notice that there's even a window in your wall! This is great for all applications, but it is especially good for things like storefronts and picture windows in houses.


The cold months of the year can be really tough on windows. They lower their integrity for light, resulting in more distorted images and less protection from harmful UV rays that can damage both furniture and vision. We offer a winterizing coat that will protect your windows from snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures.

Preventative Coat

We have a service that is very popular with businesses with large storefront windows. This service provides the client's window with a specially designed solution that forms an invisible coat over the glass that prevents dirt from sticking. It also gives the glass great protection from scratches and such! Call now to get your preventative coat today.